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How to Auto Color Categorize Outlook Emails based on Whether Senders are Known or Unknown

If you want to distinguish between the emails from known and unknown senders by color categories, you can use the means introduced in this post. It will use Outlook VBA to auto color categorize the incoming emails based on the senders. As we all know, Outlook comes packed with a native classification feature - Color Categories. Undoubtedly, it indeed plays a good role in managing and organizing a great amount of Outlook items, such as myriad emails. Therefore, many people prefer to use this...

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How to Schedule Specific Outlook Rules to Run at a Specific Time

After you create some Outlook rules, if you do not want to run them now but hope to start them at a specific time, you can apply the approach introduced in this article. When you finish composing an Outlook rule, you will be required to choose if to “run this rule now”. If you enable it, the rule will start to run and keep working all the time as long as your Outlook is running. But if you do not enable it, you need to run this rule manually. However, many users actually desire that...

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How to Batch Save All the Attachments in a Specific Conversation with Outlook VBA

If you want to extract and save all the email attachments in a specific conversation, you can use the method introduced in this article, which will help you achieve it in quick time with Outlook VBA. It is inevitable that your mailbox in Outlook must contain multiple conversations. An email conversation refers to an email thread, which includes the original mail, forwarding mails as well as replies. Therefore, the emails in one conversation are interrelated. Perhaps they are involved with an...

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