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How to Get a Notification If Not Receiving the Reply of a Specific Email within Expected Time

This article will teach you a quick trick using VBA to let Outlook auto prompt you whether to send a notification email when you haven’t received the reply of a specific email within a specific time. At times, for the vitally important emails, you will definitely look forward to its replies. In other words, you must hope that the recipient can reply to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, as long as you haven’t yet received the reply within your expected time, you will send a follow-up...

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3 Quick Methods to Attach All Files in a Local Folder to an Outlook Email

If you frequently need to attach all files in a local folder to an Outlook email, you can use the 3 quick approaches introduced in this article. There is no denying that it’s pretty easy to attach one file to an Outlook email. But for many Outlook users, it’s nearly a very common case that they need to attach all the files in a specific local folder to an Outlook email. Thus, in response to this requirement, here we will expose 3 handiest means to you. You can choose any as per your...

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