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How to Quickly Remove the Duplicate Outlook Items in a Folder via VBA

If you wish to remove the duplicate items in Outlook, searching and removing one by one will be quite troublesome. This post will teach you how to quickly complete it with Outlook VBA. In my previous article – “How to Quickly Find and Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook”, you can learn a trick to find and remove duplicate emails, which firstly sort the emails by subject, then by received time and then by attachments to find out the duplicate items and lastly select the duplicate ones...

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How to Auto Archive the Oldest Email to a Specific PST File as a New Email Arrives

This article will teach you to utilize Outlook VBA to automatically archive the oldest email to a specific PST file as soon as a new email arrives. Outlook comes endowed with an “Auto Archive” feature. You can make use of it to automatically delete the emails older than a specific date range and move them to a specific archive PST file. However, you can only schedule it to run at specific interval, like 1 day, 1 month, etc., instead of as soon as new email lands into your mailbox. But...

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2 Effective Methods to Convert an Outlook Email to a Word Document

If you want to save or convert an Outlook email to a word document, you can use the 2 methods introduced in this article. Outlook doesn’t offer any native features to save or convert an Outlook email as a word document. Therefore, if you would like to achieve it, you have to make some extra efforts. Here we will teach you 2 quick methods. One is to smartly use “Save” feature. The other one is to tactfully use Outlook VBA. Please read on to get them in detail. Method 1: Use...

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