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How to Auto Insert the List of Attendees into the Body When Sending a Meeting Invitation in Outlook

Sometimes, you may want to add the list of attendees into the body when sending a meeting invitation in Outlook. This post will teach you how to let Outlook to auto accomplish it by VBA. When you send a meeting invitation, at times, for some reasons, like making it convenient for recipients to know the other attendees, you may desire to insert the list of attendees into the meeting body. In this case, with no doubts, inputting one by one manually is considerably troublesome. Therefore, why...

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How to Set the Default Font for the Body of Contact, Appointment and Task via VBA

Outlook has no native feature to set the default font for the body of contact, appointment and task item. Thus, if you want to specify the font, you can resort to the method introduced in this article. Like the email, Outlook appointment, task and contact also have the body field, in which we can fill in the item details. However, Outlook only permits users to set the default font used in the email body. If you would like to specify the font in the body of contact, appointment or task, you...

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How to Get a Warning When Sending Emails to the Persons outside Your Company

If your company has an exact policy that you shouldn’t send emails to the persons outside your company, you can use the way introduced in this article. It’ll teach you how to use VBA to get a warning if an email is sent to outside your company. Sometimes, in order to protect data security, your company may demand you that when using business email account, you should only send emails to the persons inside your company. In other words, you aren’t permitted to send emails to the persons...

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