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How to Make Connections between Two Excel Worksheets

Excel can help us analyze data of different information. But the data in different workbooks will reduce our work efficiency. So today we will introduce about how to make connections between two worksheets. If you need to use Excel to finish your task, there will certainly be many different workbooks in your computer. And sometimes, you need to compare the data in two different workbooks. However, it will be a little inconvenient to switch between two files. Thus, you can make connections...

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How to Highlight All Formulas in Your Excel Worksheet

Formulas in Excel can help us to calculate certain values. And we here introduce about an Excel tips to highlight formulas in your Excel worksheet. In your Excel worksheet, there will be many different formulas. However, sometimes, you will use the result of those formulas for other needs. But if you don’t know which one is the result of formula, you will meet with errors. In addition, in our previous article, we have talk about this problem. You can refer to this article: 2 Effective...

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How to Use Clustered Column Chart in Excel

Except for importing and analyzing data and information, you can also set up charts to help you better study the information. Therefore, today we will introduce how to use clustered column in Excel. Different from the tables in Excel, charts leave people with a more intuitive impression. Through charts, you can easily judge the tendency in certain area. One of the most used charts is the clustered column. And now we will introduce some characteristics about it. Insert a Clustered...

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