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How to Use Groups to Manage Large Data Sets Easily in Your Excel

In an Excel worksheet, if you have a lot of data and information, the interface will be in a mess. Thus, you can add groups to classify your data and information. In Excel, you can also add groups to your information. And with groups, you can manage your Excel better. In this image below, there are the sales volumes of the product of each month and the subtotal of each season. And for such a worksheet, you can add groups into the worksheet. Add Groups The groups feature is very smart...

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How to Prevent Excel from Creating Hyperlinks Automatically

There are some very intelligent features in Excel. However, some of them may also cause trouble in certain cases. So here we will talk about the features of stopping turning websites into hyperlinks automatically. Sometimes in an Excel file, you will need to enter some websites into worksheet. And those websites will change into hyperlinks. Thus, you can easily open the corresponding website directly through Excel. You only need to click the cell and then the browser will open...

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How to Add Scroll Bars to Your Excel Charts

Chart is a very useful feature in Excel. Therefore, inserting scrollbar into charts can help you better analyze data. If you need to input a bunch of data into one chart in Excel, you will certainly find that the chart is not easy to look at. And not we have found a new method of inserting scrollbar into a chart in Excel. Thus, you can review the chart more easily. I. Add Bar Chart and Set Name Select the range that you will use to create a chart. Click the “Insert” tab in the...

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