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2 Quick Steps to Hide Workbooks in Your Excel

In Excel, sometimes you need to hide certain worksheets. Therefore, in today’s article, we will show how to hide workbooks in excel. There are three different objects of the hide and show feature: workbook, worksheet and rows or columns. And in this article, we will show you how to hide workbooks in excel. To hide worksheets, you can refer to 2 Simple Methods to Hide Worksheets in Your Excel. To hide specific rows or columns, you can refer to 2 Easy Ways to Hide Specific Rows or Columns...

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4 Quick Ways to Send Emails from Your Excel (Part II)

In our previous part, we have discussed about 3 ways to send emails from Excel directly. And now we will continue talking about sending Excel as attach files in email. If you want to use the current Excel files as an attachment, usually you will close the current file and then open the outlook. Next, you will insert this file into your email. The process is simple yet you can use a much simpler way. And the following are the steps. 4. Send Excel as Attachment Now you have finished editing...

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4 Quick Ways to Send Emails from Your Excel (Part I)

Sometimes you need to send emails relating to your Excel file. So here we will demonstrate 4 ways to send mails from Excel. If you need to send emails of an Excel file or part of the contents, you need to open the Outlook application and then edit the detail information. And every time, you should input the address of the recipients, the subject as well as the contents. In addition, if you can send emails directly from Excel, you can save a lot of time. So in this passage, there are 4...

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