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How to Get Different Views for Same Data Sets via Pivot Table

Excel files provides you with many useful functions. And in this article, we will talk about how to get different views for same data sets via Pivot Table. Pivot Table can be very helpful in viewing data and information. When the file is very large and there is a lot of information, using Pivot Table can improve your efficiency. And now we will introduce the Pivot Table using the example of student scores. Creating a Pivot Table Select the target area. In the “Insert” ribbon,...

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3 Ways to Search Contents in Excel

Excel has many similar features that are actually designed for different cases. And today we will introduce the features of 3 ways to search contents in Excel. When you have finished your Excel file, you will always come back and find some certain information. However, in most cases, you couldn’t remember the location of the target. Therefore, here we have the sample of student scores to present the ways to search contents. Using Find Feature First, press the shortcut key...

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Why Not Let Excel Speak Cell Contents for You?

Excel is able to store a huge number of data and information, and also it allows you to edit and also analyze your information. With its convenient function, Excel is widely used in many companies. And in this article, we will launch the features of Speak Cell Contents in Excel. In your work, you may sometimes need to deal with large amount of data and information. One file is stored in Excel, and another is in your paper. It is obviously very exhausting to read a number on paper, and then...

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