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How to Find Values in Other Worksheets via VLOOKUP Function

In your worksheet, you will certainly create multiple worksheets in an Excel file. And sometimes certain values need to be used in another sheet. Therefore, you may use the VLOOKUP function to quickly find the values in other worksheets. In an Excel file, the data in worksheets is sometimes not independent. And in one worksheet, you will need to use the values in other sheets. Copy and paste is one way. However, if you need to find certain values in a huge amount of data, you will spend a...

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How to Add Check Boxes and Option Buttons in Your Excel Worksheets

Excel allows people to set options in worksheets. Thus, today we have the usage of adding check boxes and option buttons into Excel. One of the functions of Excel is questionnaire. For example, if you are a teacher, and you need to know what your student want to do and what fruit they like, you can use the Excel files to collect the result. So you can use the check boxes and option buttons to finish the worksheet. Add Developer Tab in the Ribbon Before you add the check boxes or option...

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How to Consolidate the Values in Multiple Worksheets

In Excel worksheets, many related values may spread among multiple worksheets. And in this article, we will introduce how to consolidate such values. In an Excel file, there will certainly be many worksheets. For example, in this Excel file, you can see that this is the sales volume of different sellers. Besides, there are five months in the worksheet. And for each month, there is an independent worksheet. But now you want to know the total sales volume of each person. If you add those...

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