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Recover Your Unsaved Excel Spreadsheets via AutoSave & AutoRecover Features (Part I)

Excel is widely used in many companies and organizations. However, sometimes many reasons can close Excel files before you can save it. And today we will introduce the ways to prevent such conditions by setting the saving AutoRecover information. When you have finished inputting information into an Excel file, you will accidently close it before saving. And this behavior will happen due to many different reasons, you click the wrong button, you have thought that the latest information in...

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Two Ways to Insert VBA Button into Excel

In an Excel file, to run the VBA program, you have to finish several steps. So today we will launch two ways to insert VBA Button in Excel. If you want to run a macro, you will often press the shortcut key “Alt + F11” to open the windows of VBA. And then, you click the button “Run Macro” in the toolbar. The other way is: click “View” -> click Macro -> choose the Macro -> click “Run”. Alternatively, we can use the following two ways to invoke the VBA scripts more...

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Why not Bring More Joys to Your Boring Excel via Enabling Animations

Excel is always used in business or companies, which gives us an impression of boring. However, you can also use the feature of feedback animation to bring more joy to your boring Excel. In an Excel file, you will see many cells. And certainly you will think that Excel specializes in dealing with data and information. But now, with only a few simple steps, you can add animation into the feedback. And this feedback animation will also add a little more vividness in your work. Provide...

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