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7 Quick Ways to Select Your Excel Cells (Part I)

Excel is widely spread all over the world due to its magnificent features. And you can certainly input a lot of information into Excel files. Hence, in this article, we will introduce 3 methods among the 7 ways to select cells in Excel worksheet. One spreadsheet in Excel contains 1048576 rows and 16384(XFD) columns. Besides, in an Excel file, you can also insert many worksheets. Therefore, you can input as much data and information into an Excel file as you can. But on the other hand, you...

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How to Ensure the Title is Printed on Every Page when Printing Excel Worksheets

Excel is very helpful in work because it allows you to input a lot of data and information. Besides, you can print it on paper to finish your work. And today we have the Excel tips to ensure printing title on every page. Sometimes, in your work, you will print an Excel file on paper. Besides, in most of the time, one piece of paper is not big enough to print all the information. And certainly, you need to print several pieces of paper. Thus, a problem exists that on the other paper, there is...

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2 Quick Ways to Move Sheets between Excel Files

In Excel files, you well certainly create many spreadsheets to deal with data and information. And now we have the methods to move one worksheet to another Excel files. Excel allows you to insert many different worksheets. However, sometimes, you will need to move the information stored in one Excel sheets to another independent files. And here is such an example. In the image below, you have the scores of ten classes. And now you need to merge those worksheets into the “collection”...

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