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How to Restrict Data Entry via Input Mask in Access

When people are allowed to enter data as they see fit, it can create serious issues with your database. Input masking creates parameters and requirements on each data entry so that your data is both valid and consistent. Data entry is an essential aspect of Microsoft Access. Access gives you control of how data is entered through input masking so that data are valid and can be used later. How Input Masking Works Access includes the Input Mask Wizard, which helps you create the rules and...

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Access Features for 3 Levels of Users

One of the reasons so many companies use Microsoft Access is because of the number of tools available for data management. The program is easy for beginners and experts to use. You can design your database to be as simple or as complex as you need.     One of the biggest strengths of Microsoft Access is that you can develop your database based on your specific needs and database knowledge. For beginners, the program offers all of the fundamental tools required by a database. You can...

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Access versus Excel – When a Database Makes Sense

Microsoft Access and Excel are not interchangeable. Excel is for dealing with a small, focused data set. Access is a database that gives you the tools required for managing and updating a wealth of related data. All too often people think that Microsoft Access and Excel are interchangeable, and that can lead to some serious problems with data. If you have ever worked with someone who does not know the difference, you know just how difficult it can be to manage large amounts of data in a few...

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