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In-depth Explanation of Access Report Sections and Controls

Access makes it easy to generate reports. To read the results, you need to understand how Access breaks down the report and how to best use the available controls to work with your data. Being able to generate an Access report is only half of the work. Once you have the report, you must be able to understand it. This can be difficult the first time or two you look at a report. The report comes with several sections and controls. To get the most information from your reports, you need to...

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3 Useful Tricks for Generating Access Reports

Ultimately, the point of a database is to simplify the process of generating reports. Access allows you to generate reports with ease so that you can review your data and make decisions based on the data. One of the primary reasons people put up with databases is because of how easy they make it to integrate information. This is essential for creating reports. The more you learn, the more complicated you can make the reports. Another useful aspect of generating reports is that they can...

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5 Easy Steps to Use Database Templates in Your Access

Creating a database from scratch is a difficult and time consuming endeavor. If you start from a template, you can get your database up and running in just a few easy steps. Creating a database is a very interesting (and often frustrating) challenge. If you have never created one before, you don’t have to start from scratch. Microsoft Access has templates for many different industries. This will give you both the things you know you need and things that you may not have even...

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