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4 Different Ways to Use “Compact and Repair” Feature to Solve Access Database Corruption

In this article we take a look at dealing with issues of database corruption using the Compact and Repair function available in Ms Access. Access database files over a period of time become bloated and vulnerable to data corruption. Incidents of data corruption can also occur due to resource conflicts, logical errors etc. In fact Ms Access database has a significant propensity to get corrupted and to address the issue Microsoft has provided a built-in function called Compact and Repair....

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4 New and Updated Features in MS Access 2016

The Ms Access 2016 edition which comes with the Office 2016 software suite has got a bunch of timely feature updates which we discuss in this article in detail. If you have just upgraded your Ms Office application suite from the 2013 edition to the 2016 edition, you are likely to feel that Ms Access barely has changed a bit. While the look and feel remains largely unchanged, there are several changes in this popular database application that’s worth a look.  Here are a few of those...

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7 Simple Steps to Quickly Backup Your MS Access Database

Backing up an Access database is a critical task and in this article we look at achieving the same in few quick steps. A lot of companies whether big or small are required to maintain user data for multiple purposes. Many companies make use of MS Access for doing the same. However, companies often emphasize only on maintaining data and not on backing up that data. This is a very serious mistake made by many organizations, especially small businesses. There is a possibility of a disaster...

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