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6 Main Causes for Data Corruption in MS Access

In this article we look at several common causes which can induce data corruption in an Ms Access database Incidents of Data Corruption in MS Access databases are a fairly common occurrence. Corruption in Access Databases can occur due to several reasons that include both software and hardware related issues.  It is difficult to do away with corruption of data or to find its cause, once it has occurred; therefore it is always better to make attempts to avoid corruption of Access databases....

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8 Key Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Forms in Your Access

In this article we look at key mistakes one needs to avoid while designing forms in Ms Access, especially if you prefer to design forms manually instead of using a Wizard. If you are using Ms Access it is quite logical that now or later you would need to design forms. In this article we show you how easy it is to create forms in Ms Access. One of the most commonly used features of MS Access is AutoForm. A lot of different types of forms can be created with the help of the AutoForm Wizard....

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How to Effectively Import Data from an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access Database

In this article we look at learning the process of importing data from Ms Excel in Ms Access in an effective manner The Ms Excel application is invariably counted amongst the most popular desktop applications in use today and by far the most widely used spreadsheet tool in the history of computing. Thus it is not surprising to note that many users often use Excel spreadsheets when they should ideally be using Access databases. MS Access might be a little more complicated to use as compared...

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