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How to Prevent Error Messages in Reports in Older Versions of MS Access

If you are using an older iteration of Ms Access, Error Messages in Reports are fairly common. In this article we look to avoid them by performing some simple steps. Like it happens with many other applications and objects, the older editions become obsolete as the new and advanced ones take over. Also old versions of software are typically more prone to errors than current ones. In the 2003 and older editions of MS Access, an error message used to appear in reports if there was no record...

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4 Possibilities of Using MS Access with Big Data

In this article we look at the possibility of using Ms Access in some form to sync up with Big Data Capabilities that are being built in the organization. Ms Access was not ideally designed to be a production database, for large enterprises, however the organizations making use of the application for varied needs. Today it is used for building database application prototypes and using it to mission critical capacity. With the help of Access a lot of business owners began experimenting with...

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4 Quick Tips to Help You Design Forms for Effective and Precise Data Entry

The information you capture in your forms is only as good as the accuracy with which data has been in entered in them. In this article we look at facilitating precise data entry by simple means. One of the most crucial, time consuming and boring tasks in MS Access is entering data in databases. It requires to be done with lots of care and consideration, to avoid any kind of mistakes in data entry, which can later lead to incorrect analysis of data. You can reduce the dangers of making errors...

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