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How to Use Your Access for Business Intelligence

In this article we look at the possibility of using Ms Access to obtain Business Intelligence Many organizations begin to feel the need for having a business intelligence tool when most of their tools and applications are already being utilized to their complete potential. The organizations begin to act when there is no more scope for further utilization of existing resources. In such kind of a situation, the most preferred business intelligence tool opted for by business owners is either...

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How to Work with MS Access in a Cloud Computing Ecosystem

With Cloud computing making a big impact, it is but matter of time when companies would look to link Access databases to cloud solutions To be able to compete with all recent applications, Microsoft finally allowed support for Cloud support in MS Access, in the 2010 edition. The earlier editions of the application did not support Cloud storage, but with the most recent editions of the application, you can now store Access data on Azure cloud and even link it with SQL Server. Cloud storage...

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How to Add Multiple Queries in One MS Access Report

In this article we look at including several queries in a single Ms Access Report A lot of Access users wish to add multiple queries in a report, whereby the results of all those queries are presented in one single report. If you are able to do this, it would make your report look very comprehensive and professional. The reports you provide can be a lot more detailed and informative if they contain results of multiple queries. There is no uniformity required, while putting multiple queries...

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