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How to Convert a Linked Table into a Local Table in Your Access

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating - linked tables can be really useful in your databases for a number of reasons. But one big drawback of linked tables is performance – running queries against them, especially if they aren’t Microsoft Access tables (i.e. if they’re Excel, CSV, or DBF files). They can be painfully s l o w to work with. There are a few ways you can work around that – we’ll work with one way here, and that’s to convert a linked table into a local...

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How to Display Multiple Results in a Single Query Field in Your Access

If you’ve ever needed to produce a delimited list of field/query values alongside other information from your database you’ll know it can be challenging at best – and a task most people think isn’t going to be possible. If, for example, you’ve been asked to produce a report of how who were the top 5 sales people – in Descending order – for each month of the year, or the closest 3 stores to each customer, then you’re potentially left with wrangling with crosstab queries or...

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What to Do if You Get “Not Enough Memory” Error when Adding a Field via Access Design View

How many times have you tried to add a new field to an existing table and had the dreaded "not enough memory to complete this operation" error message? If the answer is none then you’ve been lucky – so far, but chances are that you'll have it at some point, so this article will explain how you can add a new field – even when Access doesn't think it can… Table changes – without the headaches I've lost count of the number of times I've tried to make a change to a table, whether it's...

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