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Part of a growing small business – learn the areas where you may need to opt for a database

In this article we look several areas where a database can make a significant difference in the operations of a small business If you own a small business and are thinking of ways to boost it, then think about using a database! Yes, a database can help you run your business in a better and more organized way by storing not just all the crucial business data but also by simplifying different tasks required in running a small business. The biggest benefit of using a database is that it helps...

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Understanding the Advantages of Query Store in Ms SQL Server 2016

In this article we look at some of the key advantages of Query store in SQL Server 2016 Your wish for a faster and easier way to deal with troubleshooting while working on SQL Server gets fulfilled now in the latest 2016 version that comes with the smart Query Store. As the name suggests, the Query Store features different scenarios where a user can get trouble while working on the server just to simplify the performance. Once enabled, this store automatically picks and even retains a...

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Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016 – A Primer

In this article we look at the feature of temporal tables present in SQL Server 2016 For those of you who wish to know about some interesting new features of SQL Server 2016, Temporal Tables are a must to check out! Also, referred to as System Versioned Tables sometimes, these tables have been incorporated in this latest version of SQL to keep the data history in the table automatically. The best benefit of this feature is to have an access to the old data at any moment of time while working...

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