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SQL Server 2016 tries to steal a march on Oracle

In this article we look at how SQL Server 2016 is stealing a march on Oracle Microsoft recently launched its much awaited SQL Server Database 2016 with an aim to attract database clients with better features and pricing. Planning to offer more advanced features, hybrid cloud technology and security, the Redmond based IT giant is expected to win over Oracle clients with its SQL Server Database 2016. In fact, with the launch of the latest SQL version that is full of amazing and advanced...

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SQL Server 2016 can drastically improve your Real-Time Analytics Capabilities

In this article we give a quick overview of real time analytic capabilities present in the SQL Server 2016 edition. The SQL Server 2016 edition boasts of an array of exciting features. Out of the new features, the most promising feature to look forward in SQL Server 2016 is its Real-Time Analytics Capabilities. In other words, Microsoft has aimed to provide a mission critical performance to help the users achieve better insights across data and for its hyperscale cloud capabilities. On top...

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Key Benefits of Using Power BI with SQL Server

In this article we will explore the key benefits of using Power BI from Microsoft with SQL Server Database You may not be aware of the fact that Microsoft was providing BI or Business Intelligence since a long time in its SQL Server but this time in the latest 2016 SQL Server Version, its offering the Power BI that comes packed with features that were missing in the earlier versions. Power BI is now capable of presentation layer technologies like OLAP or Online Analytical Processing and...

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