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Going for a Paid Edition of SQL Server is the Right Way for most Mid to Large Sized Firms

In this article we explore why investing in a Paid version of SQL Server like the Standard edition makes more sense for mid to large sized firms In an increasingly cost conscious world, the availability of free software is seen as a boon by many companies. With the SQL Server Express edition being available for free production use, subject to certain limitations, a number of companies are experimenting with it to save cost. While the Express edition may make great sense for small firms; for...

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Using SQL Server Express Edition as a production server – completely feasible and ideal for small to many mid sized firms

In this article we explore the possibility of using SQL Server Express edition as a true production server and contemplate its limitations The SQL Server database has different editions designed for different needs. Of these the Express edition is specifically tailored for smaller workloads. The fact that it is completely free makes it immensely useful for many small to midsized firms. While there is a reasonable limit on database size, the application can be safely used for commercial...

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Understanding Database Mirroring available in SQL Server in Depth

In this article we dwell on the concept of database mirroring in Ms SQL Server and understand the different available modes. When it comes to databases that are accessed by thousands of people, it is very critical to build in redundancy and facilitate continuous availability. In SQL Server, database Mirroring is used to achieve the same by using two database instances simultaneously. The first instance, also known as the principal has its data mapped into a backup instanced called the...

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