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Built to run together – Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016

In this article we explore why Windows Server 2016 is the most apt platform for running the SQL Server 2016 database application With its official release announced for September 2016, during the September Ignite 2016 conference in Atlanta, Windows server 2016 promises to be the most compatible operating software for the SQL server 2016. The feature rich SQL server software needs ample amount of space and an apt OS architecture to run efficiently and that is exactly what the Windows server...

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Understanding the concept of Table Partitioning in SQL Server

In this article we look at the concept of table portioning as implemented in Ms SQL Server Partitioning in SQL Server involves partitioning tables and indexes and storing them in multiple physical sections. This feature is available in the Enterprise edition of SQL Server, if you wish to use it for production. It is also available in the developer edition for trial. Partitioning is a complex feature of SQL Server, and allows splitting an index into multiple small indexes. Every partition has...

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Generating secure passwords that are easy to remember in SQL Server

In this article we look at ways to generate secure and easy to recall passwords in SQL Server Almost all of the important information worldwide is often secured using passwords, pin codes or scanners (finger print scans / facial scans). In case of scanning, there is nothing the user needs to remember, for pin, there are only numbers, but in case of passwords, it is always a difficult combination. A lot of people have problems remembering their passwords, for this reason they end up using...

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