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A quick lowdown on query store feature in Ms SQL Server 2016

In this article we will introduce you to the query store feature present in Ms SQL Server SQL Server 2016 has come up with a jazzed up feature to store queries. The Query Store feature in SQL Server not only keeps a record of recently executed queries, query execution plans, query runtime execution statistics but also stores them for troubleshooting performance problems due to query plan changes. The feature allows the user to receive insights on query and complete performance of the...

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Looking to grow your small business- check how a database like SQL server can come to your rescue

For small business looking to grow at a sharp speed, a database solution like SQL Server can come handy Launched around 20 years ago, SQL server today has become one of the leading database management software for all leading companies. Today it competes with offerings from IT giants like Oracle, IBM and Sybase. However such software is usually used by large scale enterprise level organizations and small business are still reluctant to explore database solutions. However when it comes to SQL...

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Know the possible causes behind SQL server error code 17

In this article we check out the cause behind the SQL Server error code 17 Sometimes while trying to access the SQL Server database, one might come across an error stating “SQL Server does not exist or access denied”. This is a general Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) message indicating that the computer running Microsoft SQL Server can’t be reached. It is also known as error code 17. This general message has various potential causes. One of them might be that the server...

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