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Scaling options available for SQL Server – choosing the right one for you

In this article we discuss several options for scaling up a SQL Server implementation The most common problem that arises while working on SQL Server is the storage problem. Often due to lack of space, the operations become slow leading to reduced efficiency. But scaling up your SQL Server is not a very difficult task, and it can be done in more ways than just enhancing your existing hardware. Scaling options available for SQL Server include ‘Scaling up’ and / or ‘Scaling out’...

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Stretch Database – Basics about its working and Benefits

In this article we would explore the Stretch database feature present in Ms SQL Server in depth Amongst the range of new features launched with the 2016 edition of SQL Server, the Stretch Database comes across as a remarkable option, which offers the users a solution for dealing with extremely large databases. This feature provides a ‘Dynamic stretch’ for the warm data (active data) and the cold data (archived data), to be stretched to Microsoft Azure – a cloud based storage platform...

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Dynamic Data Masking – A Primer

In this article we will explore in depth the concept of Dynamic Data Masking in Ms SQL Server SQL Server 2016 helps in protecting sensitive data from being exposed to non- privileged users by masking the data; this is known as Dynamic Data Masking (DDM). It allows the user to simplify the design and coding of application security. DDM allows users to decide what amount of sensitive data should be revealed. This is done to limit unauthorized access to critical or sensitive data. DDM allows...

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