Database Solutions

Comparing SQL Server with Oracle – Key pointers

In this article we look at crucial points of difference between the SQL Server database solutions and the flagship Oracle database Almost all successful businesses today are the ones which have always maintained a proper database with sufficient transactions, client, employee and all other details. There are multiple relational database management software in the market today like MySQL, Ms SQL, Oracle, Sybase etc. But the most used are undoubtedly Oracle and Ms SQL Server. Both of them are...

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Understand why it is important to review Estimated Execution Plan for SQL Queries

In this article we look at the need for reviews estimated execution plan for SQL Queries We often make plans regarding something, in advance, and these are usually based on estimates. While making these plans, we believe that we have taken all possible factors into consideration, but often things do not turn out as per plan. This happens mainly because most of the plans are not full proof, no matter how hard we think or try; we do miss out on a few crucial details in the plan, or are...

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SQL Server 2016 is miles ahead of its 2012 iteration – What’s New

In this article we give a detailed look at some of the distinctive features introduced in SQL Server 2016 With the launch of the SQL Server 2016 edition, Microsoft has given its users a reason to cheer. Expectedly, the 2016 edition is way more advanced than the previous editions, especially the 2012 edition. The 2016 comes loaded with real time insights along with new security innovations, delivers unequaled in-memory performance, advanced analytics and a lot more. Read on to know more about...

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