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5 Basic Facts about MDF and LDF files in SQL Server

This sections aims to explain in brief the functions of MDF and LDF files in an SQL server database. Other than that, the post also explains basic differences between the two. MDF and LDF Files in SQL Server Database All the companies need a system to store/retrieve information. The information can be anything from customer data, to market research, inventory of supplies, accounts information, etc. But, where do companies store that data and how do they retrieve it? Well, they use databases...

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3 Most Effective Solutions for SQL Server Database Corruptions

This post discusses the facts around SQL Server database corruption and solution for it. It further discusses the importance of creating backups and measures to take in case data goes corrupt. Can We Prevent SQL Server Database Corruption? How to prevent SQL server database from going corrupt? Lots of people, particularly DBAs (Data Base Administrators) have this question on their mind. The most honest and simplest answer to this question is – you cannot. It may sound disappointing, but...

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Various Scenarios in SQL Server Restore and Recovery

This post aims at explaining what all types of files/data users can recover via SQL Restore and Recovery. The post also explains few scenarios under simple recovery model and full recovery model. In order to recover SQL server database after a failure, database admin needs to restore all the SQL Server backups in restore sequences. The sequences must be both meaningful as well as logically correct. The entire restore and recovery process is helpful in recovering the data from backups. The...

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