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4 Possible Security Concerns in SQL Server Express Edition

In this article we look at key security vulnerabilities that one can possibly be exposed to while working with SQL Server Express edition. All editions of SQL Server although come with a lot of security features, the user might still have to face security issues in almost all of its editions. Quite in sync with the popular belief that cheap goods are low in quality and expensive ones are high, the SQL Server Express Edition, available for free, has much more security issues than the paid...

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4 Salient Aspects that One Must Keep in Mind while Protecting SQL Server Assets

SQL Server assets including the data contained in them needs to be protected. In this article we give a close look at how these can be achieved.  Our assets are supposed to be people, objects or information that gives us an advantage over the others. Anything that is exclusive and forms a source of strength becomes one’s asset. SQL Server is used for storing databases that are already full of sensitive data, and there are parts of data that are more sensitive than the rest. Any...

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6 Categories of Spatial Data Types Supported by SQL Server

In this article we give a close look at spatial data types supported by SQL Server and the differences between them. Apart from storing data in the form of databases, for commercial enterprises, SQL Server also supports spatial data, and can be used by organizations dealing with spatial data. Spatial Data mainly includes data related to space, in SQL Server, two different types of spatial data are supported – Geometry and Geography. Geometry mainly includes data about flat – Earth (it...

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