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How to Get the Usage Statistics of Your SQL Server Databases

When working in a very large SQL Server environment, it is very common that no one in the organization knows who uses a particular database. This scenario is very common if there are multiple legacy systems. Follow this article to identify how effectively your SQL Server databases are used. Method 1: In this method, we are going to read the output of sp_who2 and capture it in a table. The first step is to create the table using this script. CREATE TABLE T1 (     session_id INT   ...

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4 Effective Methods to Protect Your SQL Server Data

With digitalization all over the world, it is very important that the data saved in database is secure. Irrespective of the size, it is a fact that every database has some sensitive data and that has to be protected. This article highlights all options to secure your SQL Server data 1. Start with proper access and review it The first important step is to ensure that you are providing only necessary access to users. If a user wants to read some data from database, provide them with Read...

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How to Avoid Running Your SQL Server Script on the Wrong Server

You might be a database administrator or a SQL Server developer; running queries through SQL Server Management studio is a routine task. Though you might connect to multiple servers at a time and work on multiple activities, there are chances that you might execute a script on a wrong server. Do not worry, this article will help you to avoid executing scripts on a wrong server Notice the alert Run this script on your server and the next time you hit the “New Query” button on the SQL...

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