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3 Salient Aspects Related to Compressing SQL Server Backups

In this article we give a close look at salient aspects related to compressing SQL Server backups in detail. Compression in SQL Servers is a great way to make space for new data and it majorly increases the usage of CPU. However, it might consume some extra strength from the additional CPU, and thus, has the potential to negatively affect the ongoing, coinciding operations. For this reason, you need to create what we term as 'compressed backups'. A compressed backup is naturally, much...

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4 Tips to Secure SQL Server Implementations in the Cloud

With more and more SQL Server implementations happening in the cloud, it is imperative to take measures to secure them. Those who are running the Enterprise edition of SQL Server on onsite servers, do not have too much to worry about, with features like Transparent Data Encryption and Extensible Key Management at their disposal. The problem is for those, who have their SQL installations over cloud. Securing SQL over cloud continues to be a problem troubling a lot of users. SQL Server is a...

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4 Best Practices to Avoid A SQL Injection Attack in SQL Server

In this article we look at certain best practices that companies can implement to avoid a SQL Injection attack on production database. One of the greatest threat a SQL Server instance will always have is that of a SQL Injections. SQL Injection is rogue SQL injected in a SQL database by hackers, for multiple reasons. A SQL injection modifies the code of the databases, giving the hacker access to the database, and allowing them to make changes, however they like. This is done primarily for...

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