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2 Steps to Check the Read Receipt Request of an Email without Sending the Receipt

Sometimes due to various inconvenience, you aren’t willing to send a read receipt. Virtually Outlook permits you to check if an email has a read receipt request without sending the receipt. I often receive the messages which request read receipts. Actually in most situations, I am willing to send a read receipt back. However, sometimes it is not convenient to send it. For example, I receive this kind of email on my vacation. I wouldn’t like to send the read receipt at that time. Thus I...

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Why Not Create a New Item Alert to See Mail Details in Advance?

As usual, when new mails arrive, there is only one envelope icon in notification area, irrespective of how many new emails. Thus if you would like to see the email details, such as times, numbers, senders and subjects, you need to create a new item alert. I really appreciate a lot that Outlook will show an envelope icon when new mails reach. However, I virtually hope that I can see more detailed information before opening Outlook home page. My friend suggested me to enable new item alerts...

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Why Not Let Excel Speak Cell Contents for You?

Excel is able to store a huge number of data and information, and also it allows you to edit and also analyze your information. With its convenient function, Excel is widely used in many companies. And in this article, we will launch the features of Speak Cell Contents in Excel. In your work, you may sometimes need to deal with large amount of data and information. One file is stored in Excel, and another is in your paper. It is obviously very exhausting to read a number on paper, and then...

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