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8 Ways to Fix “You don’t have appropriate permission to perform this operation” Error in Outlook

At times, when you try to open an Outlook file, you may receive the error “You don’t have appropriate permission to perform this operation”. In this article, we offer you 8 effective ways to address this issue. Despite its reputation as the most widely used desktop-based email software in the world, the MS Outlook application is hardly perfect. It has several chinks in its performance, and its propensity to throw up strange errors out of the blue is a major buzzkill. One such...

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3 Ways to Prevent Word from Auto Creating Hyperlinks

Word automatically parses a website or email address as hyperlinks. But what if we do not want such a feature? In this article, we mainly focus on 3 ways to prevent Word from auto creating hyperlinks. Sometimes, when you copy and paste a website or email address to your Word documents, you will find that Word automatically switches them into hyperlinked format. However, chances are that you may not want such auto-add function on some occasions. In view of this, we will introduce 3 different...

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How to Create a Catalog in Your Excel via Hyperlinks

Due to the ability of processing thousands of data, Excel has become the first choice of most of the companies. Thus, today we have the Excel tips of creating a catalog by inserting hyperlinks into a worksheet. In your work, you are likely to meet with many worksheets with the same attributes. For instance, here is an Excel file about student scores of different classes. And there are many worksheets. So you can try adding a new worksheet and insert hyperlinks into it. Thus, you...

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