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How to Convert Delimited Texts into Tables in Word

Converting text to table is a time-saving and convenient way to deal with large amount of data in Word. In this article, we will mainly look at how to realize the conversion. Sometimes, we may need to edit a large table in word. Of course, we can input data to table cells one by one, however, it is troublesome and may take up a lot of time. Alternatively, another way is to fist split text with delimiters, and then convert these texts to a table, which is time saving and easy to implement. To...

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How to Migrate Outlook Color Categories to another Computer

This article will look at how to migrate the color categories from one computer to another. If you have multiple color categories and are averse to re-add them one by one in the new PC, you can use the following way to copy them. I have created a myriad of categories in my current computer. I nearly cannot imagine the case that I loss them. Thus I hope that I can backup them. Therefore, I search a lot on Internet, and even find a good method that I can not only backup them, but also restore...

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How to Translate Emails via Outlook Built-in Bilingual Dictionary

When you receive an email in a strange and unknown language, you needn’t resort to external dictionary tools any more. Outlook 2010 and newer versions come loaded with an inner bilingual dictionary. Bilingual Dictionary, namely “Mini Translator”, has been unleashed since the appearance of Outlook 2010. If we find that in message body, there are several words or sentences in strange language, we can fall back on Outlook bilingual dictionary to understand them rapidly. Here are 3 tips...

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