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How to Sort Data by Rows Instead of Columns in Your Excel

Excel has many features that can help you finish many tiring tasks. And the feature of sort can help you quickly find certain values in a bunch of numbers. But today we will introduce how to sort data by rows instead of columns. The sort feature is a very useful feature in Excel. Thus, most of you have used this function to sort certain columns. However, the default setting of sort can only take effect in columns. Thus, if you want to sort values in rows, you need to set before you use this...

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How to Automatically Highlight Auto Replies with Important Information

We are usually averse to receiving auto replies. But sometimes, people will write useful information in it, such as his agent or his emergency telephone number. This article will help you to highlight those auto replies with Important Information. If I will go for a holiday, I also tend to create an auto reply for my email account. Besides, in this auto reply we will write in my emergency telephone number, such that those who have an emergent deal with me can call this number. Actually...

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2 Useful Tips on Printing and Print Preview in Excel

In your work, you will sometimes need to print the data and information in Excel sheets. Therefore, today we will introduce 2 quick tips about the printing and print preview in Excel. The format of Excel worksheet allows you to input data and information into it. Besides, even if there are a lot of values in cells, the interface of worksheet can still keep clear and in order. Thus, you can easily print worksheets without any worry about the format. But before you printing, you need to set...

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