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How to Delete Meeting Invitations Along with Tentative Meetings in Calendar

When you are averse to accepting a meeting invitation and delete it via right click in Inbox, you will find that the meeting itself still exists in your Calendar. This article will tell you how to delete them altogether. I have ever experienced that my schedules in Outlook are filled with quantities of meetings. Therefore, I have to reject some addition and unimportant ones. In order to cancel them, I used to delete the invitations in Inbox directly. But later I found that meetings have been...

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3 Steps to Create & Change Reminders for Calendar Items in Batches

Many people are accustomed to creating or changing reminders for calendar items one by one. Actually we can create and change them in batches just by the following 3 steps. Sometimes the time of scheduled meetings may be changed. Accordingly, I need to change the reminder time for the meeting items in Outlook as well. In the past, I am used to changing them one by one. But since I knew how to changing in batches, I really thought that the former method is too stupid. Now I will share this...

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