Data Recovery

2 Steps to Recover Outlook Data after Repartitioning Your Hard Drive

If you repartitioned your hard drive and haven’t made backups for Outlook data files before, you will lose the data. But do no panic. Taking the 2 steps mentioned in this article can help you get back your data. Here is my personal experience. I still remember that at that time, I was a novice of my computer. One day I found that because I stored too much data in my system drive, my computer ran too slowly. Therefore, I searched a lot about how to increase the volume of hard drive and...

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How to Find Messages with Specific Attachment Name in Outlook

Facing a deluge of emails in mailbox, you will discover it difficult to find your desired emails with specific attachments. In this article, we will explore a method to search out them as long as you remember the attachment names or only some pieces. Previously, in order to find an urgently needed email attachment, I tend to use “Has Attachments” to filter email, and then locate the target one by skimming through all the filtered out emails. Assuredly, that is an arduous task. But via...

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2 Methods to Auto Launch Outlook When Starting Your Computer

As a regular user of Outlook, you may hope, Outlook can start automatically when booting your computer rather than launching it by yourself. Here are two methods to accomplish it. When it comes to auto launching Outlook when starting computer, many people may add MS Outlook shortcut to “Startup” folder. Assuredly it is the quickest approach. However, it will put stress to your computer when it starts, thereby slowing down its performance. Therefore, apart from this method, here we will...

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