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How to Monitor the Changes of Important Cells through Watch Window in Excel

Excel is always used to manage important data and information. Thus, today we will introduce how to use the watch window to monitor the changes of some important cells. In an Excel file, you will always store some important data and information. But sometimes, you will inevitably need to change certain elements. But the data in an Excel has deep relation with each other. For example, you will use some formulas and the data may come from other worksheet. So one number changes, you need to...

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How to Forbid Recipients to Forward the Email in Outlook

At times, when composing and sending a confidential email, you may hope that the recipients don’t forward it to the others. This article will tell you how to forbid recipients to forward simply by disabling “Forward” button. One day I noticed that the emails from my superior, which contains confidential information, always cannot be forwarded by default. Originally I couldn’t figure out why. And I’d like to send this kind of emails as well. After some research, I also get this...

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How to Remove Canceled Meetings from Outlook Calendar Tactfully

When meeting organizer cancel a meeting, you will receive a cancellation email, but the meeting will still persist in your calendar. This article will teach you how to remove the canceled meetings skillfully. In the past, I got used to deleting the canceled meetings from my calendar one by one. But if there are a host of canceled meetings, it would be an arduous task. Thanks to my fellow’s suggestions, I’ve learned how to remove them in bulk and even automatically. The followings are...

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