Data Recovery

Key Best Practices for Outlook that you need to follow

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and easy to use email client in the world. The client is used by millions of users on a daily basis, in order to manage email accounts. However, Outlook can pose problems when not managed properly. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind in order to stop Outlook from crashing. Microsoft Outlook is one of the efficient and powerful email management programs available in the market. The program, which is available as a part of the Office productivity...

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Dealing With large corrupt PST files- A Primer

The Personal Storage Table file in Microsoft Outlook contains all the emails and attachments and other files and configurations of the user. However, when the file exceeds the limit of 2GB, it becomes corrupted and inaccessible by the user. Lets see how to overcome the error. Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email client in the world. Mostly, the application is used by an organisation to manage to emails exchanged within. The client, due to the massive amount of email accounts,...

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A Quick Guide to understand the storage of files in Outlook

All the emails and contacts and other data used on Outlook is automatically stored in the Personal Storage Table file or the PST file. Lest us find out exactly how to locate the files and create news if necessary. Microsoft Outlook allows users to perform a bunch of tasks, including email management, maintaining a contact list, calender entries, notes, journal entries and even browsing the internet. Outlook also comes with several web based apps or plug-ins which make working on the...

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