Data Recovery

How Access Can Be Useful in Online Meetings

With more and more businesses turning to online meetings to save costs on traveling as well as to meet increasing globalization demands, there is a need to be able to share important information online. We will see how it is possible to share Access databases online and what should be done to protect the data. Latest statistics reveal that many business professionals consider meetings to be a waste of time especially when they have to travel long distances to attend a few minutes of a...

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Learn How to Effectively Prevent Corruption in MDB Databases

Though Access provides a very powerful repair utility called the Compact and Repair tool, the best way of avoiding any data loss due to corruption in the Access database is by taking preventive measures. The following article provides a comprehensive overview of the precautionary steps one can take to avoid corruption in Access databases. One of the factors, that makes Access so simple to use and manage, is the fact that typically an Access database is a single MDB file. On the other hand,...

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Quick Guide to Handling Corruption in MDB Databases

There is no doubt that having to deal with a corrupt Access database can be a highly stressful experience. Knowing how to deal with corruption can make it easier when one actually comes across a MDB file that has been damaged. Here is our quick guide to handling corruption in Access databases. By database corruption, we typically mean when an error is found in the binary file format of the particular Access database. A corrupt database will either prevent all attempts at opening and...

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