Data Recovery

Using the Power of PDF for CAD Data Storage

Many CAD users are now storing their designs as PDF files because of the advantages it offers over other traditional formats. Our article takes a quick look at the various ways in which CAD designs can be stored and why PDF files are now being chosen as the standard to save the designs in. PDF files are becoming increasingly popular not just over the Internet but also for sharing information over email and for storing digital content. It offers great document fidelity, can be viewed...

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Essential Know-How On How to Recover from Access Corruption

Though most Access users take the required precautions to prevent corruption, at times heavy usage of the MDB databases does cause problems to arise and indexes to get damaged. In such cases, use the know-how mentioned din our article below to understand how to recover from Access corruption. The most important thing that Access users should invest their time and resources in is in employing methods that will prevent corruption in the MDB databases as well as prevent any damage to the files....

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Getting to Know Access and MDB Databases Better

Many Excel users believe that Microsoft Access is a highly powerful database that is difficult to use and hence make do with spreadsheets even for their database purposes. By understanding what the difference between a database and a list is as also how easy it is to use Microsoft Access, users can manage their data more effectively. It is very surprising that a large number of Microsoft Office users prefer to use Excel to handle large amounts of data even though they know that they can just...

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