Data Recovery

Analyzing Reasons for Access Database Corruption

While working with Microsoft Access MDB file, one may come across error messages that indicate some corruption or damage to the MDB file. Before attempting to repair the file and recover the data, one has to understand what may have caused the corruption. Our article looks at some of the reasons that could cause corruption in an Access database. If you have been working with Microsoft Access database without any problem for a long duration and suddenly find some error messages appearing, you...

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Ways To Avoid Permanent Data Loss from PST files

If users store their email and other important data in PST files, there is always a chance that some data may be lost permanently unless they have a proper backup and recovery system in place. The first step is to make users aware of this risk and the second is to inform them of ways in which they can avoid any data loss from locally stored PST files. PST files offer such flexibility in archiving and Outlook makes it so easy to work with PST files that it is not surprising to find many...

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Understanding Concerns About PST Files

Many Microsoft Outlook users prefer to store their email data in PST files since this gives them access to email data on their local computers. However, Exchange administrators do have some concerns about PST files that are stored on local workstations particularly when it comes to protection of PST data. Our article looks at some of these concerns and solutions to protect PST data. In business environments, most employees have their email accounts on a Microsoft Exchange Server allowing...

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