Data Recovery

The causes of file corruption

If you have trouble opening a file or getting it to operate properly, then the file may be corrupted. If this file is essential for a program to work, you may also get a notification that the program is having problems and may need to re-install. If you wish to prevent future corruption, you should look at some common causes of file corruption: It wasn’t saved correctly One of the most common reasons a file becomes corrupted is because it was not saved properly. This could be because...

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Recover lost files with Advanced Outlook Repair

Many people use Outlook to organize their life—this program is useful not only for email, but as a calendar, appointment keeper, note organizer, and other types of organization tools. This is why losing Outlook files can be so frustrating. Some of the reasons why file corruption of Outlook PST files occurs include viruses, human or application error, a separate application error, improper program or computer shutdown, internet connection, or other issues. In an attempt to recover PST...

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How to recover MDF database files

When database files become lost or corrupted, this can create quite a problem for those relying on these unique and typically large types of files. This most commonly happens when one improperly shuts down a computer, loses an internet connection as a file is uploaded or worked with, improper database updates, or because of viruses. With so many large files in a database, recovering this data can get difficult. Master Database Files can be recovered and repaired, however. One of the easiest...

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