Data Recovery

Digital Forensics: DataNumen Experts Weigh In

Digital crimes have almost doubled since the 1980s and keep growing faster than most governments and law enforcement agencies are able to keep up with them. Although many countries have created specialized task forces and groups to target the perpetrators, there is still a high demand in this constantly changing and evolving field. Newer technologies and viruses are being developed almost daily by hackers and terrorists, which has created a need for the latest in investigative resources so that...

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Get a Technology Makeover to Reboot Your Revenues

Your dated web design and business strategies may be holding you back from loads of potential profit. Getting a technology  makeover may just be what you and your business need to get back into the competition. Research by the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) suggests spending a minimum of about $4,000 to update your hardware can create a 35% profit increase in one year. Spending this amount or more on newer software showed 40% increases in earnings in the same amount of time as well....

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The Causes of Computer Shutdowns and How to Protect Your Data

Unexpected computer shutdowns can be a nightmare, especially if what you were working on was important. Not only has your work been interrupted, but any unsaved work could be lost or files could be corrupted. Instead of just failing to save any added work, a file can become totally damaged if the computer shuts off as it is being edited, meaning you might have to start from scratch. So, why do some computers shut down unexpectedly, and how can you prevent file loss? Hardware problems If a...

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