Data Recovery

Keys to Safe Data

The useful properties of a modern database far exceed those of the past and are growing by the year. Such growth has proven to be beneficial to business owners and consumers alike, with what were once time consuming file work and research having been reduced to minutes of software work. Despite the awesome new developments in database tools and capabilities, critical new challenges have arisen in the fight against data degradation and damage. Following these safe data guidelines can help ensure...

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Dealing with Corrupt Zip Files in Windows 7 OS

Windows 7 is undoubtedly the most popular Microsoft operating system in vogue today. Quite expectedly it comes with a lot of features and some flaws too. Some of these relate to the difficulty some users experience while trying to open zip archives in Windows 7. While there may be a myriad of reasons which may prevent zip files from opening, some of them are typical to the Windows 7 operating system. When it comes to recognizing zip archives, Windows 7 at times fails to recognize a zip...

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Why Do You Need a Zip Repair Tool?

In order to understand the need for a zip repair tool, we must understand what the format of a zip file is. It is a file format used to compress files and folders. It reduces the file size, thereby saving hard disk memory. This compression format is used commonly, not only for storing data, but also for transferring data via email, pen drive or other means. The zip file format also helps in keeping all linked files together, making storing and moving large files much more organized, convenient...

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