Data Recovery

SQL Problems and Solutions

SQL coding is the framework through which many database files are stored and accessed. This means that database integrity and use is dependent on the security and proper functioning of databases businesses find critical for daily function. The idea of confronting malware that is attacking the structural coding of a database, or any of the numerous other issues that can inhibit the responsiveness or effectiveness of a database may seem daunting at first, but using innovative and powerful...

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When Malware Hits Home

Everyone has heard some discussion of the growing and serious dangers that malware poses in our digital age. Bank accounts, lines of credit, personal information and even one’s identity can be stolen via malicious programs designed for such purposes. It is even likely you know someone who has been a victim of such an attack. The frequency and capabilities of these attacks have increased with rate of other software advancements and current levels of sophistication can easily pass basic...

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Excel with Excel

Of all the Microsoft applications that have turned into essential business tools in the past three decades, few can be said to hold more importance than the iconic green Excel. This program allows even minimally trained users to create and manage vast projects and data sets from day one. With proper training and software experience, Excel offers unbeatable levels of performance. In recent years there have been some new developments that a casual, or even business level Excel user might be...

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