Data Recovery

How to deal with ‘Not a valid Archive’ error message while opening a zip file

When it comes to using computers, error messages tend to be a common occurring. From your typical file not found errors to blue screen of death, most computer users have learned to deal with common error messages that computer programs throw at them. However when it comes to zip files, some errors messages can really make your life miserable as you hardly expect them to come up in the first place. Imagine you go to your favorite website and download a popular music file or software in form...

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Recovery Solutions for Data Loss

There are many ways for an outside source to cause harm to your personal computer or network. Two of the most innocent sources are human error and hardware failures. One of the more problematic ways that a computer can suffer data loss is from someone who hacks into your network and deploys a malicious attack.   The worst way that your stored data can be corrupted is through malware; software programs that are designed to infiltrate your computer and either steal your identity and...

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From ‘Day-Timer’ to Microsoft Outlook

Remember the days when you carried around your day-timer; scheduling appointments or meetings, taking notes from sales meetings, and protecting it with your life? Everything you needed was in that notebook. Then Microsoft Outlook came along and transformed our lives, providing us with the ability to store contact information, schedule meetings, organize our calendar, and much more. Many people and businesses rely on Outlook to manage their lives and their business. But what happens if you lose...

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