Data Recovery

Operator Error in Excel versus Corrupt Files

Many things can go wrong in Excel that require a specialized program to restore Excel to working conditions, but not all error notifications indicate that a file has become corrupt. One of the most common problems in the workplace is fixing what isn’t broken while ignoring what is. There are some key error codes that will indicate that Excel repair is not needed, but more operator training is required Operator Error Codes There are three main operator error in Excel messages that indicate...

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Database Best Practices Part 2

This is the second installment of my three-part series on database best practices. A best practice is a technique or method that has been proven more effective than others. Best practices are useful in almost every industry. However, it is important to remember that they exist by consensus and are often hotly debated. In this series I share several of the commonly accepted best practices regarding database design and maintenance. Database Best Practices Series – First Installment Note:...

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Database Best Practices Part 1

As with most fields, the business of database creation and maintenance has developed a number of best practices. A best practice is a method or technique that consistently obtains results superior to its alternatives.  Best practices can be applied to almost every industry and professional discipline. Their ubiquity, however, does not mean that each one is universally applicable or even universally accepted. The fields that best practices are meant to standardize are incredibly complex. Each...

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