Data Recovery

Building a Software Troubleshooting Kit

Not every business has the resources to employ an entire IT department for troubleshooting their software problems, and not every business has the need to either. There are many instances when the programs you are running for your operations and data management allow you to incorporate your own data recovery and repair process without the help of a professional. By identifying the products you have, you can build a matching software troubleshooting kit so it is on hand to resolve any problems...

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How to Prevent PST Corruption

Corruption of the PST file will bring your Outlook usage to a halt. This can be a costly interruption to your business, both in dealing with clients and with internal communications. While there are programs available to help you quickly restore Outlook, learning how to prevent PST corruption is helpful information to have. You won’t be able to prevent 100% of the instances, but you can mitigate the disruption and risk. Avoiding Shut Downs The most common cause of file corruption in Outlook...

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3 Most Common Causes of SQL Corruption

Every manager’s nightmare is found in the failure of their SQL program to load and read the database files that are the lifeblood of their project. While there are many solid SQL recovery programs available to help you recover SQL files, there is no guarantee that 100% of your files can be saved. Microsoft neither guarantees the program against failure nor do they guarantee that resulting corruption of data can be repaired. Your best tactic is to have the means to restore SQL files to the...

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