Data Recovery

Creating split Zip files – A Primer

The amount of data proliferating our world today has reached monumental proportions. Even an average user may have today data running into tens of gigabytes if one takes in account their music and video collections. At times such data needs to be securely backed up and one the best way to do so involves using a zip application to create encrypted zip archives. While you can store the entire data one single zip file, often the need of splitting up a file comes into focus given the restrictions...

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Data Recovery and Repair

There are many different reasons for your project data to become corrupt and unreadable. It can be as obvious as a power surge, or it can appear absolutely random. For whatever reason, knowing what to do when you begin to receive error messages about corrupt data is essential to prevent the total loss of the file. If you are lucky, the data corruption can be instantly fixed using the program’s built-in tools. Outlook can perform most minor PST repair upon the program trying to open the file,...

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Handling Hardware to Fail Proof Data

One of the leading causes of data corruption is hardware failure. The failure does not have to be total or permanent; just enough to disrupt the integrity of the system and the programs you rely on can crash causing their associated data to become corrupted. Every professional knows the worst message to see is that the file you need cannot be read or a program you need to access can’t be opened. There are steps you can take to recover and repair the data. There are also ways you can change...

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