Data Recovery

A quick guide to Zip file Limits on Different Windows OS versions

If you have been using zip archive files for over a decade now, you may have noticed that earlier you could not create large zip files over 4GB which now can be created with effortless ease. The restriction on the size of the zip file was enforced by the 32 bit zip format which did not allow for creation of large zip files. However with the introduction of the 64bit zip format such limits has become history. That said depending on which operating system you use, there are still certain...

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DataNumen is a Leader in Complex Data Recovery Technology

Despite the safeguards built into popular software programs, data loss continues to be a prevalent threat to business productivity. Prevention techniques, such as antivirus protection, frequent backups and network firewalls can help minimize the risk of catastrophic data loss. However, even the most advanced preventative measures can fail, and when that happens, an advanced data recovery software may be necessary to recover lost or corrupted data. Not all data recovery programs are the same....

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Don’t Let Data Loss Ruin Your Day: Data Recovery Programs Can Help

So, you are staring at another error message while trying to open your critical work files. Maybe your computer contracted a virus, or maybe you had an unexpected power outage that shut down your computer improperly. Regardless of the cause, damaged, corrupted or lost files aggravate even the most calm computer user. Despite all of the safeguards that major software companies, such as Microsoft, build into their software, data loss continues to be a persistent issue for many people. If you are...

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