Data Recovery

Keep Your Small Business Running Smoothly: How DataNumen Can Help

As a small business owner, you know that your computers, network, server, and data represent a huge investment; they’re your lifeline. These tools are vital for your business to run smoothly and efficiently, and you need them to be reliable. However, all technology is vulnerable to damage, breakage or digital attacks, and when this occurs, you may not know where to turn. While that expensive IT consultant may be your first instinct in the event of an unexpected data loss, you need to know...

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Beyond the Basics: How Data Recovery Programs Can Save What You Thought Was Unrecoverable

Major software providers, such as Microsoft, have come a long way in protecting their users from unexpected data loss. From frequent auto-saves to built-in recovery processes, these programs truly attempt to improve user experiences and provide reliability. However, the digital world is a vast network of interconnected components, and even the best prevention methods occasionally fail. Because data loss continues to be a real issue for many individuals and businesses, DataNumen remains...

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Managing Data Loss: How Not to Get Gouged During an IT Crisis

Unless your business has a dedicated, top-notch IT department, a system crash and resulting data loss can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to repair. Expert IT troubleshooters typically charge astronomical rates, and their hourly fees can easily turn your crisis into a costly set-back for your bottom line. For example, a power surge crashes your server, and you need to restore SQL data that has been lost as a result.  Will you know what to do, or will you or your IT team spend...

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